My name is Ai Yamashita and I’m a tattooer from Japan. My career started in London in 2001 where I started by working as an apprentice. There I met many on-the-road tattooers from whom I got the idea of traveling and tattooing.

After becoming a professional tattooer, I remained based in London but started traveling to Miami, Rome, and Tokyo, as well as Mexico. These experiences allowed me to meet many great tattooers who showed me the real world of tattooing in a traditional/old school way. They were very important for me both to learn new skills and to understand the history of tattooing.

I am very happy to hear that the Rome Tattoo Museum is opening in the heart of Rome, a city so rich in history, art, and culture. It will help not only people in the tattoo industry but also those who love tattoos.

Ai Yamashita   (Ambitious Ink Z from Japan)