I started tattooing out of passion between 1988 and 1989. Those were the years during which tattooing was slowly leaving behind its “pioneering” phase to embark on a journey that would first make it become accepted and then on to a mass culture phenomenon.

Being professionally born during this transitional phase, I cannot say if I belong to the last of the “old timers” or the first of the “new timers.” In any case, it was a magical, colorful period, when tattooing was still considered by many to be an inner journey. This period marked me deeply, inspiring me and instilling within me an uncontrollable desire to learn this ancient craft all the way.

My love for tattooing is visceral. Besides being passionate about many performance techniques, I am also extremely interested in the culture and history of tattooing. For me it is important to make every single tattoo special and unique, not necessarily searching for sterile perfection but rather trying to give it a soul, making it something extraordinary for the person who will wear it. I don’t have a specific style but love to carry out designs that have a history and that respect its rules and design features. Among these are the Japanese style, the classic American, the North European, and the “tribals” of some areas of the world. I like to pay particular attention to the relationship between the body and the design being carried out, which has to follow the lines of the physique in harmony. I draw my inspiration using references from the past, particularly from old masters who made tattoos the mirrors of the souls of those who got them. While I have not been fortunate enough to have a proper master, I am extremely grateful to some friends including Gian Maurizio Fercioni, Gippi Rondinella, and Luiz Segatto who over the years with their friendship and presence alone have helped my professional growth immensely.

Getting tattooed is a special moment and the tattooist has the task and responsibility to make it such. For this reason I will continue to put my soul and heart in all of my tattoos and continue to dedicate my entire soul to this craft.