My name is Mana and I’m of Māori descent from my mother’s side. We are originally from the Chatham Islands, or “Rekohu” in the local “Moriori” language (Moriori are a Polynesian tribe that inhabited the islands before the arrival of nearby Māori from New Zealand and European whalers. Nobody knows from where or when they came to the Chathams…) Also known as “Wharekauri” in Māori. Rekohu lies 800km directly east of NZ and is the 1st place in the world to greet the new day, with a 45 minute headstart on New Zealand. The Chathams is also famous for giant Rock Lobster and Great White sharks!

Growing up on the Chathams and being the oldest of the family I spent a lot of time with my grandfather, “Eruini te Marau Tamati”, who was one of the elders of the Chathams, a fluent Māori speaker and “Kaumatua” (respected leader) of the Chatham Islands community. I grew up on the myths, legends and beliefs from my tribe and family throughout childhood and everything that this pertains… Māori spirituality, language, “tapus” (this is where the word taboo comes from, & means the same thing..) Māori dance, haka’s, songs, crafts, etc… It used to be very common for the eldest son to be given to the grandparents in the Māori culture, and apparently my grandfather would come and take me from the house without telling anybody… Later on my grandmother would take me back when my grandfather wasn’t looking. Nevertheless I grew up with my grandparents on the farm more than with my own parents.

I have been tattooing professionally since 2005 and now live in Formentera, Ibiza since 1999. I am specialized in Māori style, Ta Moko, and Polynesian fusion style tattoos, all of these are freehand only. I am also adept at most other tattoo styles as well. I am available in TMR (roma tattoo museum/tattooworks)during the winter months from November till May, and am more than happy to share my culture and talk about any consultation and of course tattooing any Māori or Polynesian tattooing style.